Orange Sapphire Rings

When talk about quality sapphires, many think of the deep blue sapphires. However, as a matter of fact, orange sapphires are some of the rarest sapphires around. Beautiful and unique jewelry is crafted from these fiery stones. Some orange sapphires have a secondary color tone of yellow. The more pure the orange, the more expensive the sapphire sing. Beautifully crafted orange sapphire rings are sure to make an interesting topic for the evening when worn out.

Orange Sapphire Rings can be some of the most beautiful rings you have ever seen. The orange is fiery and sets in any type of precious metal beautifully. Orange Sapphire is a precious stone just like the other members of the corundum family. Much harder to find, and often only available in small faceted stones, the orange sapphire is truly a rare find on the market.

Orange sapphire glimmers like all the other sapphires when light hits the stone. But when you look at the light filled orange sapphire it looks like sunshine. The beauty of this stone can not be compared to any other faceted stone of the same color. Orange sapphires generally come from the Sri Lanka region of the world, though a new crop of “golden orange” has been discovered in Tanzania. These are not the only areas that the stones are found, just the most common areas. Orange sapphires coming from other regions, such as Vietnam, Burma or Madagascar are much rarer, though not unheard of.

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Orange sapphire rings are very popular in the Far East and are slowly catching on in the European market. People are finally appreciating the beauty that this stone can bring to any design type. Orange sapphire combines well with other sapphire stones in jewelry pieces. Since sapphires come in a wide range of colors the options are endless. Often these stones are used in sunburst patterns, but designs are limitless because of its beauty.

With the holidays approaching you may wish to consider an Orange Sapphire Ring as a gift this year. Why not give your loved one a spectacular gift that will not be the same old ordinary item. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful orange sapphire. Jewelry is always a wonderful gift; why not make it even more special by choosing a piece that is not just a common stone. These stones are not as available as an amethyst or peridot, they are harder to find then even a blue sapphire. Set yourself apart, set your loved one above the rest, and consider an orange sapphire.

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