Blue Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is the best selling gem in the United Sates. The mysticism and intense color of Blue sapphire makes the gem so popular. Ancient Greeks used to dedicate sapphire to their Sky God - Zeus. Whenever we think of sapphires, generally the blue sapphire strikes our mind. Although sapphires come in a wide spectrum of colors including Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, Green, Yellow and more, Blue remains to be the most popular color.

Blue sapphire ring is a wonderful choice for evening occasions, just as they qualify perfectly for day wear. The price of a sapphire ring can vary from around a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands, whose value depends on whether or not the sapphire has been treated, its color, cut, saturation and of course the clarity. Majority of the sapphires used for the jewelry undergo a special heat treatment, which can improves the color and clarity of sapphires drastically. Heated blue sapphires tends to cost more than non-heated ones.

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Color is another important factor that needs to be considered when you are shopping for a blue sapphire ring. Blue Sapphire can vary from a deep rich blue to a very pale blue. The ideal color of blue sapphire is vivid, pure and highly saturated with no tinge of gray or brown. Not too dark or too light. Clarity also affects the worth of sapphire. Most blue sapphires are found in Sri Lanka (formally called "Ceylon"), Burma and Madagascar. It is said that sapphires from Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon sapphire, are the most expensive ones because of top quality.

Maintaining your blue sapphire ring is very easy. Wash it in a bowl of warm soapy water then rinse well and dry it on a cloth. Remember not to use bleaches, detergents or other chemicals, as sapphires, like most gemstones, will react to these chemicals. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners, as this may shatter and damage the sapphire.

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