18kt Gold Blue Sapphire Ring

The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, and it's a beautiful day to be alive. Suddenly, someone give you a present. This is not just any present, this is a small box wrapped with a ribbon. This could only be a gift of jewelry. You unwrap the ribbon, and slowly open the box. Sitting in front of you is an exquisite example of an 18kt Gold Blue Sapphire Ring. The day has become better, the wind blows just a little cooler on this hot day, and everything stands still for a moment. As you slip it on your finger, whether it fits or not, it graces your finger with a weight to know it's there and a lightness to display the airiness of the stone. The deep blue gem shines in every light, and glints off of every beam it catches. A gift of an 18kt Gold Blue Sapphire Ring is a gift of devoted friendship and love.

The 18kt Gold Blue Sapphire Ring is a ring that takes you back to the days of old. The contrast of the bright gorgeous blue of the sapphire and the warm yellow of the gold makes you want to continue to look at the ring again and again. When the light hits the sapphire and glints off the perfect cuts and luminescent innards of the perfect gem, it takes you back to the days of knights and queens. When the brave night would search months for a stone of exquisite beauty. When he found it, it was a time of grand rejoice and happiness. He would then present the piece, fresh from the kiln and anvil of the gold smith, to his truly beloved. This ring is one of those rings that becomes an heirloom or a passed down gift from generations to generations.

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