Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is considered the most popular blue gemstone, and is prized for its beautiful color and hardness. Sapphires, like other gemstones, have characteristics that can be judged to determine the quality of the stones. When purchasing a Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring, the buyer should look for carat (size and weight), cut, color and clarity. Personal preferences will also factor in when making a decision, but what appeals to many is that a Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring is an investment, as well as an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Formed from the mineral Corundum, the blue sapphire ranges from light to medium to dark blue, depending on the gemstone’s origin. A large percentage of sapphires are treated to a heating process to enhance the blue of the gemstone and does not affect the gem’s value. Untreated or natural sapphires with a beautiful color are rare and very desirable, and also among the most expensive. The best gems should have a vibrant, saturated cornflower blue or royal blue that is shown to perfection in light. Deep blue, with delicate hints of violet and sky blue, is the desired hue of a Triple AAA quality sapphire.

Clarity is highly valued in sapphires, with the most prized gems having very small inclusions and a clear even color. Inclusions are small flaws within a gemstone, and depending on the gem, may detract from the value. An exception is the star sapphire, where the inclusions refract light in a star shaped pattern called asterism.

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The cut of the stone is important in bringing out the gem’s unique characteristics, accentuating color and brilliance. When examining a ring for a well-executed cut, the surface should have an even sparkle as the ring is turned, with no dark areas where facets aren’t glittering in the light. Popular cuts include: oval cut, emerald cut (square with mitered corners), cabochon (polished, round with no facets, seen in star sapphires), round brilliant cut (a type of diamond cut with 58 facets), and mixed cut (displaying several cuts that best enhance the sapphire).

The jewelry setting for this type of gem can be made of yellow-gold, white-gold or platinum, and be as simple as a solitaire in a plain band, or elaborately decorated with additional stones and scrollwork. Whatever the style, a Triple AAA Blue Sapphire Ring, from a reputable jeweler, displays the finest in craftsmanship. Blue sapphires have been sought after for generations, and these spectacular rings make a stunning statement in elegance.

Triple AAA Blue Sapphires are the top-quality sapphires among all. In our fabulous collection of triple AAA blue sapphire ring, you will find brilliant grade AAA blue sapphire rings in different shapes and cuts. The stunning triple AAA Blue Sapphire ring below could be a stylish, elegant and impressive statement maker of yours. Pick one that suits your personal taste!