Buy Engagement Ring with Sapphires

Pink sapphire engagement ringShopping for an engagement ring? Congratulations! Engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love and union between you and your love of life. As such, you need to make a wise purchase that you and your soon-to-be bride will both be happy. When shopping for an engagement ring, there are a few things you should know.

When it comes to choosing the gemstone for your engagement ring, diamonds are not the only option. As a matter of fact, diamond engagement ring is a fairly new preference starting from around 150 years ago. Before then, gemstone rings such as sapphires and ruby were given by the European royalty and aristocrats as engagement rings. The hottest trend that has taken off since the past decade is engagement ring with sapphires.

The gemstone you choose will reflect not only your good taste, but also the commitment you will bring to your marriage and the life to be shared. Since your bride-to-be will be wearing her engagement ring for her life time, you need to pick the gemstone that is strong and endurable. Known for the beautiful color and hardness, sapphire is the perfect gem for an engagement ring. Sapphire is one of the nature's strongest gemstone, ranked at 9 on the Mohs’ scale in hardness only next to diamond. It was believed that sapphire could protect the wearer from harm and negative spirits. As the symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, there's nothing better than an engagement ring with sapphires to express your love to your bride.

Besides the hardness, sapphire's wide range of colors and reasonable price tag make it the perfect gem for engagement ring. Chances are the love of your life adores pink color and dreams a fairytale wedding. There is nothing like pink sapphire engagement ring to bring a touch of extra romance and love. A engagement ring with purple sapphires is perfect for someone who is romantic, and is looking for something different from the traditional white diamond. An blue sapphire and diamond sapphire ring will be surely adored by an elegant lady with great style.

For the band of engagement ring with sapphires, the most durable and popular metal is platinum. However if you have a modest budget, opt for white gold rather than yellow gold. Gold bands should be either 14 or 18 carats. Softer metals are not recommended since an engagement ring can take a beating over time.

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