Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

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If you think engagement rings must always contain diamonds, think again. Remember Princess Diana's magnificent engagement ring that made waves in the 1980s?

In the 1980s, no single piece of jewelry represented more fairy tale romance than Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Prince Charles proposed to Diana in February of 1981 with an exquisite engagement ring made of a stunning blue sapphire. Crafted by the famed Garrard Jewelers, the oval 18-carat blue sapphire engagement ring was surrounded by 14 brilliant-cut sparkling diamonds. Priced around $65,000, the sapphire engagement ring was not only a focal point throughout Princess Diana's engagement, but it was frequently spotted as Diana on various occasions later on as the Princess of the Wales.

Despite the eventual souring of the royal marriage, this Cinderella-like princess' style and design flair continue to be influential, particularly for jewelry today. Her choice of an elegant blue sapphire over the more traditional white diamonds paved the way for non-diamond engagement rings. Today, more and more brides-to-be are choosing sapphire engagement rings.

Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring has since been gifted to her son, Prince William. However, you can certainly feel like a royalty with our amazing selection of sapphire engagement rings. All of our rings features beautiful blue or pink sapphires. Some are well accented with brilliant diamonds just like Diana's sapphire engagement ring.

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Ceylon Sapphire Ring

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Ceylon sapphire ringAs an emblem of faithfulness, loyalty and true love, sapphires are found in certain places in Madagascar, Burma, Thailand, Montana, Australia and Africa. However, some of the finest and most beautiful sapphires come from Sri Lanka. For thousands of years, many fine sapphires have been found in this special place. For instance, you can find the pinkish orange sapphire only in Sri Lanka. As of today, Sri Lanka is still the top producer of fine sapphire gemstones. Since Sri Lanka was formally called Ceylon, the sapphires originated from Sri Lanka are also known as Ceylon sapphire.

Jewelry made in Ceylon sapphire is relatively more expensive than other sapphires because of the high quality. Ceylon sapphire happens to be the perfect gem for rings since they are extremely durable, almost as strong as a diamond.

Although sapphires can be found in a dazzling rainbow of colors including blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and more, the most well known ceylon sapphires are blue sapphires. Bear in mind that a purple sapphire ring often costs less than blue Ceylon sapphire ring. However, the shape of the sapphires affects the rings' values as well. Usually round sapphires cost more than pear-cut or marquis.

Internet is a good place to shop for Ceylon sapphire rings because it offers the widest selection of sapphire rings in different styles. When shopping for ceylon sapphire rings online, you should always check the return policy. Make sure you are able to return or exchange the ring if the actual item doesn't match your expection.

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