How to Clean Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and durable natural gems in the world. In order to maintain your sapphire rings to its original beauty, however, you need to clean your sapphire rings regularly.

Use a commercial fine jewelry cleaner that is suitable for sapphire, or lukewarm soapy water to clean the sapphire ring. Put the ring in the cleanser for several minutes. Then rub the sapphire with a soft brush to loosen and remove any dirt or residue in order to increase the brilliance of your sapphire ring. You should brush underneath the sapphire as well as the top and the inside/outside of the band. Make sure you brush the sapphire as gently as possible in order not to scratch the gem.

If your sapphire ring is made of 24-carat gold, you need to be more careful since 24-carat gold is much softer than platinum and 18-carat or 14-carat gold. It's better to wash the ring in a large bowl instead of over the sink, just in case you slip and lose your precious sapphire ring down the plug hole.

After you rub the sapphire ring and remove all the dust and grime, make sure you rinse the ring really well, so that no soap is caught between the sapphire and the band.

Pat dry the cleaned sapphire ring with a soft clean cloth. Allow it to dry completely before wearing it again.

It is highly recommended not to use chemicals to clean sapphire rings, since sapphires, like most gemstones, will react to these chemicals. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners either, as this may shatter and damage the sapphire.