Purple Sapphire Ring

Sapphires are not just for the blues!  They are a uniquely identifiable stone in the likeness of diamonds and emeralds and rubies. A purple sapphire can be distinguished from an amethyst in the clarity and sparkle of the stone. Amethysts are purple and beautiful to look at. Wearing the purple stone gives the wearer a feeling of distinction and calm. Those emotions are really the subtle mind play of the color purple with psychological imprinting of colors that are common to all peoples. Adding the color purple to sapphires is to give the brilliance to the already regally beautiful color. We are all attracted by colors. And, rubies, emerald, sapphires and diamonds are colorful stones each casting its special aura around its wearer. Find a perfect purple sapphire ring as a solitaire set in white gold and you have found a treasure with special qualities.

Place a purple sapphire in 18 carat gold with a raised crown setting and you have a queenly ring. Many purple sapphires are set in silver as well and are arranged in clusters. Such treasures fill the jewelry chests of discriminating women everywhere who choose a color stone with matching luster or brilliance for night time or for day time wear to coordinate with their outfits. A purple sapphire ring would be a perfect choice for a black evening cocktail dress. The effect would be stunning. Besides effect let us think about the purple sapphire ring in terms of its known attributes.

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The color purple as tradition has it was only permitted to be worn by royalty. A purple stone seems to attract only loyal followers for the wearer. Although the sapphire is the stone usually picked by jewelers as a September birthday stone, the purple sapphire would make a wonderful gift for anyone born in February. The properties of the sapphire are known to be useful in attracting friendship by encouraging the wearer to feel happy. Happiness and wealth are two of the gifts of the sapphire stone. Royalty and authority are two mental attributes aided by the color purple. Add the two together in a purple sapphire ring and you have an excellent choice of ring to wear on formal occasions. As a gift to a scholar, a purple sapphire ring has no match in signifying your appreciation of their intellectual talents. As a small pinkie ring for a girl going for her first communion, a purple sapphire ring would be treasured for years.

There really isn't any time when a purple sapphire ring couldn't be worn and if matched with a purple sapphire tennis bracelet, the wearer would certainly get admiring looks from all the women in the room. And, how may men would not like the chance of holding the hand so royally dressed.

Our beautifully-crafted purple sapphire ring selection features luscious Purple Sapphires. Purple sapphires are quite rare gemstones. Fine purple sapphires have the rich purple color as top-quality amethysts. However, purple sapphires tend to reflect light far stronger than amethyst, and are much harder and more durable. Purple sapphires will be loved and cherished for a lifetime, while amethyst tends to become dull, scratch and possibly fracture after some time.

The colors of purple sapphires range from a purplish pink to an intense magenta purple. The higher intensity, the more expensive purple sapphire is. Shop from our selected purple sapphire rings now!