Sapphire Wedding Band

The sapphire wedding band is one of the most unique wedding band choices available. Ever since Prince Charles gifted his bride to be Princess Diana with a sapphire ring, interest in the sapphire wedding band as the band of choice for the nuptial ceremony has dramatically increased. Sapphires, mined in Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Sri Lanka and Montana, come in a range of colors including orange, yellow, pink, green, purple, black and various shades of blue. Sapphires are a most appropriate choice for a wedding band since they are known for their durability as well as their stunning beauty.

Blue sapphire has become the most sought after color to use in creating the sapphire wedding band due to the symbolism attached to this color gem. Dark blue sapphire in particular symbolizes loyalty and everlasting love . It's use in a wedding band design is thought to bless a marriage union. If one of the partners becomes unfaithful, however, legend has it that the brilliant luster of the blue sapphire turns dull and lifeless.

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The beauty of selecting a sapphire wedding band is that it can be custom designed to best showcase the color and clarity of the gemstones selected. A minimum of 16 stones are set in the client's choice of precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum to create a sapphire wedding band that is as unique as the bride herself. Another design option is to surround a larger sapphire in the center of the wedding band with a cluster of smaller diamonds to complement it or to showcase a wide band of sapphires in the middle with bands of diamond chips both above and below the sapphires.

Because there is no ideal shape to cut a sapphire, the choice of cut used to create a sapphire wedding band should above all be chosen to emphasize bright color flashes from every angle of this special gem, regardless from what perspective it is viewed.

Sapphires are popularly used in wedding bands in an eternity ring design in which the cut gems are set adjacent to one another completely around the circumference of a band of precious metal. In some wedding band designs the sapphires are positioned to be barely touching one another as though floating, and in others, each is separated by a division of precious metal formed into a specific shape like an X.

An excellent and complementary pairing of stones when designing a sapphire wedding ring is to pair deep blue stones with the clarity of white diamonds. Different colors of sapphires, such as blue, pink and yellow, can also be designed as a sapphire wedding ring by stacking a row of sapphires atop one another to create one band showcasing three sparkling bands of different colors.

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