Star Sapphire Ring

The Beloved of the Saturn, Sapphire fascinated people for ages. It bejeweled ancient kings and queens. Star sapphire is the most mystical among all sapphires. The name comes from the appearance of a star-like sparkle in the center of the gem. Star sapphire ring was believed to be the symbol of faith, destiny and hope in ancient times. Legend has that Helen of Troy attributed her battle conquests to a star sapphire that she owned.

As a matter of fact, It is the intersecting needle-like inclusions within the stone that cause the appearance of the 'star'-shaped pattern. These fine inclusions make the star sapphire translucent or opaque, allowing light to be reflected in a way that a star floats across the top of the gemstone when a direct light is overhead.

The value of a star sapphire depends not only on the carat weight of the stone but also the color, visibility and intensity of the star. The world's largest and most famous star sapphire is the Star of India, a huge 563-carat sapphire currently on display at the Morgan-Tiffany Collection in the American Museum of Natural History.

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