Blue Star Sapphire Ring

We all have our reasons for spending money on jewelry. And, isn't just grand that we have the ability to spend money on jewelry. But, if we are going to be buying jewelry as an investment as well as for personal satisfaction then we should familiarize ourselves with fine quality stones like sapphires. Blue Star Sapphires are really a magnificent stone. Most jewelry buyers first become familiar with sapphires when they become attracted to them in a fine jewelry store. The blue sapphire set in 14 carat gold and modestly embellished with tiny diamonds has set most of us on a life long journey of gratifying our exotic tastes while being perfectly respectable. We dish out our dispensable income on the enticing sapphire and most people complement us on our exquisite taste. And, that is what a blue sapphire ring is, a sign of exquisite taste as well as a keen sense of decorum.

We can buy ourselves diamond rings set in huge cocktail rings with dozens of tiny diamonds, but as the name implies we are buying ourselves a reputation for cocktails. Most other diamond rings are bought by married people or those about to be married.

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Stones have a reputation and you must be, at least, somewhat aware of what you intend to say with your choice of stone and setting in a ring. Star sapphires are very unique and magical. Like other type of sapphires, star sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow. However, blue color is the more common one. The love for this gem has inspired designers to create stylish blue star sapphire ring featured on this page. The blue sapphire ring bought from a fine jeweler will never cause you a moment's trouble as it is representative of virtue and elegance. Amongst blue sapphires, occasionally, one will catch sight of a star as if caught from the heaven's and seriously etched into a fine natural blue sapphire. There is no mistaking the blue star sapphire ring for anything else.

If you decided to actually buy a blue star sapphire ring, you will be one of a very few people who own blue star sapphires. There is a saying that the stone which was first mined in the mysterious East possessed properties of divine origins. The divinity within the stone has chosen you for a reason and will lead you to that purpose. Of course, all stories about rare stones are simply based on coincidental events. Blue Star Sapphires were first mined in Sri Lanka. Most of us have some idea of the fabled land that has been the setting of many Utopian stories, but if you stop and think of the power of the mighty rulers of the country was not so much in physical strength but in mystical use of the mind and in wearing dazzling stones, the most brilliant and frightening being the blue star sapphire. The effect, of course, was in telling everyone that you had communed with the heavens and your blue star sapphire ring was proof of that communion.