Trendy Diamond Rings with Sapphires for 2009

Blue Sapphire Gemstone and Diamond Vintage Ring 1/7 carat (ctw) in 14K White and Yellow GoldEveryone wants to know what the trendy diamond rings with sapphires for 2009. All right! Let's get down to business. There are a number of styles of diamond and sapphire rings for 2009 that are incredibly trendy.

Art deco styled diamond rings with sapphires have become pretty popular these days. Cool elegance, symmetry and crisp geometry are hallmarks of Art Deco design. The Art Deco style often emphasizes very luxurious designs with geometric patterns. Blue sapphire and white diamond are most favorite colors used in the Art Deco rings. Today you can see many celebrities wearing Art Deco sapphire rings. With elaborate designs and contrasting colors, art deco diamond and sapphire ring is an perfect for someone with adventurous spirit.

Colored gemstones have also grown in popularity since last year. Yellow is the color of 2009. As such, diamond rings with yellow sapphires placed into settings of white gold, platinum, or silver will look absolutely stunning on you. As a symbol of Jupiter, yellow sapphire represents wisdom, knowledge, and fortune. Ranging from light canary to ultra golden colors, yellow sapphire have become more and more popular nowadays. A yellow sapphire is very similar in light and color reflection to a yellow diamond, yet costs much less. Diamond rings with yellow sapphires would make ideal jewelry for daily wear or wearing on special occasions.

Talking about trendy, new style diamond rings of 2009, how can we miss the channel set diamond rings with sapphires. Channel set diamond rings have remained quite popular during the past decades, because of the classic elegance. If you want to buy a ring that is trendy and unique, you should definitely consider a channel set diamond ring accented with blue, yellow, purple, pink or other fancy color sapphires.

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Yellow diamond sapphire ring