White Sapphire Ring

A white sapphire ring, the stone that is, has all the qualities of a white diamond and all the brilliance of a sapphire. Picture say a two carat white sapphire ring, ringed in diamond chips and set in a 10 carat gold ring, and then see yourself wearing a two carat diamond in the same setting and consider which one you can afford to buy. The white sapphire is a brilliant stone and the misnomer, white, might give the shopper cause to pause because the color white in stones is usually associated with white opals. A white sapphire is actually a clear stone with facets and night time sparkle equal to a diamond.

White sapphire ring is just as elegant, sparkling and beautiful as a diamond ring, but much more affordable. Like diamond, a white sapphire can be cut and polished to become an extremely brilliant stone, refracting light in a bright and dynamic way. White sapphires are also extremely hard, making them almost as durable as diamonds.

And, unlike the diamond, a white sapphire will not have any inner flaws that characterize poor diamonds and weaken their value. And, the white sapphire ring will give everyone pause to contemplate whether you are actually wearing a two carat diamond or whatever size white sapphire your heart has led you to choose. The white sapphire might be equated to white gold.

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To the eye of the casual admirer, a white gold ring might seem as if it could be silver. And, to the eye of the casual admirer, a brilliantly clear white sapphire ring might seem as if it could be a diamond. Actually, most people will mistake it for a diamond!

We would all like to wear two carat flawlessly clear, white diamonds because of their value due to their scarcity. However, there are few of us who can afford them, and, yet the look appeals to us. There are many of us who can afford a two carat brilliantly clear white sapphire and achieve the same results at a much more reasonable cost. If you are having trouble seeing the relationship between a diamond and a white sapphire consider the two as a ruby and a garnet. Which stone would you rather have? Probably the ruby as we all know that rubies are rare and cost more than garnets. But a garnet ring to a casual observer would look much like a ruby ring and some people love their garnets. A white sapphire ring has the same relationship with a diamond one. Which would you rather have?

Some people choose the white sapphire ring because they can afford a larger size diamond looking stone that is also a real stone. And, after all, we buy jewelry to complement our wardrobe and some of us, to match our mood.
When choosing a white sapphire ring, you should keep cut, clarity and carat in your mind. A nice cut in a flattering way will help enhance the brilliance in the stone.