Yellow Sapphire Rings

Yellow sapphire is a sparkling gem representing Jupiter. It is traditionally considered as the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and fortune. Ranging from light canary to ultra golden colors, yellow sapphire rings have become more and more popular nowadays.

Fine yellow sapphires seen today are primarily from Sri Lanka. Yellow sapphires are usually clear and bright, making the stone attractive in most lighting conditions, whether from low evening light or strong sunlight overhead. A yellow sapphire is very similar in light and color reflection to a yellow diamond, yet costs much less. Yellow sapphire rings would make ideal jewelry for daily wear or wearing on special occasions.

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While shopping for a yellow sapphire ring, the shape of the gemstone is very important. The sapphires of the rings are often trimmed into various geometrical designs like rounded, rectangular, square, triangular and more. Yellow sapphire rings with small yellow sapphires in Chanel setting would look fantastic for people with thin fingers. Large Rounded crystals are perfect for plump hands. If you want your ring look unique, rectangular or pear-shaped yellow sapphire rings are also available for your choice.